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What we do

Equipping and Empowering through
Education and Training.
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Qualified Teachers

The HeronBrldge Training and Resource Centre (HTRC), endeavors to educate, train and mentor teachers In our surrounding previously disadvantaged communities.

“Literacy is the Bridge to Hope”
Kofi Annan

Mobile Library

This blue bus is the very first Mobile Library vehicle donated in 1997 from Japan. When the bus arrived at the Durban harbor, Mr. Mandela paid a visit to show his support for the initiative.
Over the years, the bus has served 32 schools on the East Rand and now has a new home at HTRC, serving Diepsloot and surrounding communities. What makes this project unique is the fact that for the first time in 30 years, preschools are being included in the literacy programme.

Certified Non-Profit Organisation 094-264-NPO



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